salsa twin


The salsa twin is a collaboration between myself and Jasson Salisbury. Coming into winter and having spent the best part of 12 months exclusively riding the Monad, Salsa wanted something with a bit more length and paddle power to tackle the winter swells. Having ridden a lot of round tails whilst living in Indonesia he was keen to explore that avenue again but didn’t want to disengage from the feelings he was getting on a twin fin. The first iteration of the Salsa Twin was May 2017 and since then the board has evolved to become arguably the most versatile design I make.

It’s a relatively simple design. The outline is a continuous clean curve,  It has a pretty mellow rocker and reasonably uncomplicated bottom countours with some Vee around the back foot. The rails are reasonably full and not that dissimilar to a contemporary shortboard. There are 4 channels under the back foot set within the vee, this interaction is one of the most pivotal components of the design.


Salsa Twin Available in lengths 5'8 - 6’6