"Further" - Into the mind of Josh Keogh

Sometime in 2017, while working on Ari Browne's print-feature for the upcoming Yearbook, Blue founder and publisher Angelo Schmitt left one of his cryptic mails in my inbox, cc'ing someone named Joshua Keogh: "Yeah Jan! Hope you're steady. Just to inform you: Talk to Josh, it's worth it - Cosmic dude, sharp mind. You'll get along! Bestness, A." 

josh keogh
The Morning Light - Drew Mcpherson 6'7 Single fin

Nathan Henshaw’s short film on Drew McPherson’s Dawn Surf has a timeless quality about it. Drew's surfing is effortless and the film feels like it could have been shot in just about any decade.

Drew chooses to live an uncomplicated life, focusing on the simple things, always travelling light and searching for uncrowded waves.

josh keogh
Drew Mcpherson Solitude - 6'7 Channel Bottom Singlefin

In a new clip sound tracked by vagabond muso Archer, needessentials product tester Drew McPherson goes deep in the mist on some cold and lonely, cliff-lined coasts. Swinging a long pintail single-fin under the lip, Drew’s uncomplicated approach echoes the lonesome blues of Archer. Both are men who travel light; who try to find authenticity by letting go of the trappings, not accumulating them. Sometimes humans need to slow down and take stock, so kick back in an old chair and enjoy this perfect slice of 
arm-dragging’ soul.

Then go find your own.

Music - Archer - Garden - Album Old time sing song man.
Pound Records

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Monster Children Issue 58

What’s in this issue? More like what’s not in this issue! (Rihanna isn’t in this issue). And for good reason, because we hereby decree Issue 58 of Monster Children as The Australia Issue, meaning we put the magnifying glass on all the peoples, places and things that make our country so damn beautiful. We sat down with free surfer/artist Otis Carey (whose artwork you’ll also find on the cover of the mag), spent a day with skater and soon to be export Josh Pall, put together a hit-list of classic Melbourne spots, and got behind the scenes dirt one of the creepiest Aus film to hit screens this year.

josh keogh
Critical Slide - The Eternal Tourist.


A tourist has shaped a life for themselves away from the mundane, expanding their culture, building memories and chasing good times.

This time around we hit The Maldives with our good friends Josh Keogh, Salsa and Jerome Forrest in desperate need for sword fish, sun, swell and surfing the ideal recipe for any tourist hot spot.

Pack the sunscreen, throw on the fanny pack, and set sail for a land that despises the 9-5.

Film & Edit - Isaac Jones

Featuring - Salsa, Josh Keogh & Jerome Forrest

Original score/sound - The Jim Mitchells

The Critical Slide Society

josh keogh
PORTAL // A short film featuring Ari Browne

Portal is a collaboration of talents between Ari Browne, Joshua Keogh, and JJ Stanbrook. 

Their pursuits were purely in the name of progress, not perfection. Whilst adhering to popular performance ideas, the surfboards follow a trajectory far different to other surfboard design. 

The surfboards on show are a rarity in that they move away from typical design processes and start to voluntarily move towards exploring the unknown outer precipice or cusp of surfboard design.

Typically in surfboard design function outweighs form. The aim was to invert this relationship and explore the dynamics that occurs when 'Form' (the appearance of the surfboard) is placed as the priority over 'Function' (the performance of the surfboard).

Unsurprisingly the resulting surfboard identify firstly as sculptural objects and secondly as surfboards. 

Surprisingly however, no quantifiable sacrifice or detriment to performance was apparent. This is due to the clinical approach Josh took when shaping the surfboards. 

Seamlessly harmonising performance and aesthetics. “The boards were well and truly operating in the performance window” testifies Ari Browne. They all worked amazingly well. 

Stanbrook’s short film is a work of art in its own rights. The film also gives the trio the opportunity an to tell a story of adventure, fun, and of course, lordish behaviour. 

Stanbrook’s knack for story telling and humour are at work as he depicts a washed up idiot, Ari Browne, who, plays himself a he minces around the exotic Moroccan coastline. Lastly the film showcases the exceptional performance attributes of the ten finless surfboards.

josh keogh