Early one morning an explosion could be heard echoing down through the valley, moments later those up in the early hours of the morning would report a cylindrical shape travelling at high speeds through the grey dawn sky with a fury of flames at its rear. One elderly witness described it like an upside down candle hurtling through the sky.

Police would later discover the explosion had come from a farm on the outskirts of town that belonged to an unnamed gentleman, the shed had been cremated in the explosion and what was left was a pile of ash and scorched earth.

After searching the property and the dwelling police uncovered blueprints for space shuttle construction as well as a multitude of literature and charts surrounding astrophysics, intergalactic travel and black hole theory amongst other things. The house was left spotless and resting neatly on the kitchen table against a vase of freshly picked flowers was a note that had been left with the intention of being found. The note was empty apart from a single word, it read “FURTHER”.